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I am currently part of the design operations team at Dynatrace.

As a design operations engineer I support teams to do outstanding ux and design work. With experience in both - web frontend development and ux design - I know that developers and designers approach projects from two very different angles. I like to link these two mindsets.

I am working on a variety of very successful design system projects. And I am passionate about spending my development time to support the groundhog, a CSS component library for our web entities. Another project I'm very passionate about is devone.at our own developer and ops conference. Besides that, I have a lot of experience in ux and ui design - creating user flows, navigation structures and interfaces for a Full-stack monitoring Saas solution. After work, I enjoy tech meetups as an attendee as well as a speaker.

I like to be challenged and I love to extend my knowledge.

Great user experience is my passion, from both - the developers and the designers perspective.

I like to take every chance of early feedback to improve my work. Therefore, teamwork is very important for me. In my current setup I’m working a lot with modern web development approaches in an agile environment. While ideas start for me with sketches on the whiteboard or paper - tools like Visual Studio Code, Atom, GitHub, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Invision support my work from the wireframe level to the final implementation. I have knowledge and hands-on experience of user testing and animation design.

As a result of various jobs and projects I matured as a team player and I have earned experience as a team leader and mentor. Moreover, I have a lot of knowledge in working in a distributed team. I like to organise monthly team events since the very beginning, they are boosting the team spirit and are always a lot of fun.

Latest projects

Talks and workshops

Webclerks meetup Vienna - April 23, 2018


UX workshop FH Hagenberg

'UX in the real world' - talk at FH Hagenberg

'*ngIf = dev && design'Angular meetup Vienna

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Outdoor adventures refresh my batteries and clear my head.

I spend my free time mostly outdoors, besides mountain biking, skiing, running and hiking the Austrian mountains, I also like photography.

Plus, my team colleagues at Dynatrace say that

I make the best Apfelstrudel in the world.

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Katrin Freihofner

Sternwaldstraße 6, 4170 Haslach


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