Katrin Freihofner

Team lead | Frontend developer | UX Designer | DevOne conference organizer | Speaker | Adventurer | Captain | Mountainbiker

I’m leading the Design Operations team at Dynatrace.

After more than 4 years as a UX designer and frontend developer I'm now team lead of the Design Operations team. My focus is currently the Barista Design System. With this project we support our developers and designers to build great, scalable and high-quality UI in a consistent way. I'm also part of the team behind Sketchmine, an open-source tool that finally bridges the gap between design and development. Besides, I am organizing the DevOne developers and DevOps conference and like to spend my time with public speaking. In general, I like to be challenged and I love to extend my knowledge.

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Outdoor adventures refresh my batteries and clear my head.

I spend my free time mostly outdoors, besides mountain biking, skiing, running and hiking the Austrian mountains, I also like photography.

Plus, I can make the best Apfelstrudel in the world.